Acabo de descubrir esta joya! La rola se llama Audacity of Huge, de Simian Mobile Disco.

Son una combinación de música repleta de sintetizadores con un estilo ironicamente minimalista, donde no hay mucha instrumentación. Tiene mucho de la música ochentera, es muy catchy y, esta rola en particular además, tiene la virtud de una letra bastante atractiva. Enjoy!

I got that crank trippin’ Babe it’s you
I got that grape kool-aid filled swimming pool
I got those Roomba robots that clean the floor
I got that mother of pearl oyster fork for sure
I got that Tammy Faye milk money butterscotch
I got that Mama Cass you know
I got that Peter Tosh

[CHORUS] I got it all Yes it’s true… So why don’t I get you…

I got that Bob Fosse I got that Joey Ramone

A bag of Bill Murray Damien Hirst Telephone
Check got that gold-thronged studded alligator leather
Digital-video picture frame of us together
I got that honey-dipped tennis wear just for play
I got the sun to set you know I always got so vain

Brand new Lincoln playin’ PM Dawn
With the dat-player minidisc cd-rom
Book collection with an autographed James Joyce
Bio-diesel dirigible, ba-baby it’s choice
Double Dutch dinosaur duplex in Dubai
I’ll be there with my friend the Sultan of Brunei